Excavation Services in CT

We have years of experience handling small and large excavation projects including drainage, grading, utility trenching, ground leveling, tree clearing, and concrete work. With Empire Construction you get affordable excavation services that will ensure your land is prepped for all types of construction.

What We Do

  • Drainage
  • Grading
  • Trenching
  • Spread Stone
  • Spead Top Soil
  • Spread Mulch
  • Trucking Service
  • Back Hoe Service
  • Oil Tank Removal

Excavation & Removal

In addition to grading, drainage, and leveling, we also provide oil tank removal. No matter what type of excavation project you need done for your Connecticut property, Empire Construction has the crew and equipment to get your light excavation done right.

Empire Excavation

Let's Start Digging!

To find out where we offer excavation services contact Empire Construction today: 203-269-3559

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